An Assignment Rule controls how Reviews are created during Assignment.

A project may have multiple Submission Types and multiple Review Types but it may not make sense to enable reviews for every Review Type for submissions of every Submission Type.


A project may have two Submission Types: Awards and Abstracts.

It may also have two Review Types: Award Review and Abstract Review.

The following combinations of submission and review is required:

Submission TypeReview TypeRequired
AbstractsAbstract Review
AbstractsAwards Review
AwardsAbstract Review
AwardsAward Review

For this project, 2 Assignment Rules are required so that Abstracts can have Abstract Reviews and Awards can have Award Reviews.

Assignment Rule Settings

An Assignment Rule can have multiple settings to control how Assignment works.

Allowed Submission StatusControl which submission statuses can be assigned.  More than one Setting is allowed.

If no Allowed Submission Status settings are set then submissions in ANY status may be assigned.

This setting controls the grid of submissions available on the Assignment screen.

E.g. Abstract Review, Paper Review
Additional Reviewers For Matching Submissions
Allow other Reviewers to see a review. See Additional Reviewers.
AutomaticThis setting is not currently in use.
Number of Reviews Per ReviewerControl the maximum number of reviews that each Reviewer is assigned during System Assignment.
Number of Reviews Per SubmissionControl the minimum and maximum number of reviews that each Submission is given during System Assignment.
Field MatchControl how Submissions are matched to Reviewers during System Assignment.
Field Match Score

Specify the minimum and/or maximum total score that field matches must have in order for a submission to be assigned.

The first number is the minimum score and the second number is the maximum score

Leave the maximum score empty if there is no maximum

This setting is used in System Assignment only.

Viewing Assignment Rules

Assignment Rules can be accessed from the main Settings screen.

Adding an Assignment Rule

From the Assignment Rule Grid, click on Add New Assignment Rule button.

Choose the Submission Type and Review Type for the rule and click Add.

Adding a new Assignment Rule

Configuring an Assignment Rule

From the Assignment Rules Grid, click on the Settings button.

Assignment Rule Settings