Sometimes, a Task will need to be scheduled to run at some point in the future.

There are 3 ways to schedule a Task to run in the future

  • Time Triggering
  • Delayed Execution
  • Manual Scheduling

Time Triggering

A Time Trigger can be used to execute a Task at a point in time relative to a Project's DateTime field

    E.g. Execute Task 24 hours before the submission deadline

See Time Trigger for more details.

Delayed Execution

A Task Step that executes a Child Task can be delayed so that the Child Task executes in the future

    E.g. A Task called 'Send Staggered Chase Emails' has the following steps

    Step 1: Execute Task 'Send Chase Email' with delay of 24 hours

    Step 2: Execute Task 'Send Chase Email' with delay of 48 hours

See Child Task for more details.

Manual Scheduling

It is possible to schedule a Task to execute at a predetermined time by creating a Task Job manually to execute a Task at a fixed DateTime in the future.

Manually Scheduling a Task

Some Tasks need to have a Task Context in order to run correctly.  The Add Task Job screen allows that context to be entered if required.

E.g. A Task that will send a Message Template may need the Ids of the objects to be applied as filters to that Message Template

NOTE: This screen is very powerful and could lead to unexpected results. Use with Caution

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