A Task Job is created whenever a Task is scheduled or has been executed.

A Task Job can be used to track when Tasks are due to be executed and when they have executed. Some Tasks can be executed more than once, these will have one Task Job record for each execution.

The Task Job also provides information about why a Task failed to execute. See Troubleshooting.

ScheduledThe DateTime, if any, when the Task is scheduled to be executed.
ExecutedThe DateTime, if any, when the Task was executed.
StatusThe status of the Task Job.
NotificationsInformation about why the Task Job has failed.

NOTE: The Scheduled property is only set if the Task is or was scheduled to execute at a predetermined time.  

Task Jobs can also be used to manually Schedule a Task to execute at a fixed DateTime in the future.

Viewing Task Jobs

Go to the Display Task page (See Task) and then click on Task Jobs in order to view the jobs for a Task.