Single Sign On enables 3rd party systems to authenticate users and then allow those users to navigate to the Firebird software without having to sign in again.

This helps provide users with a seamless experience when moving between two connected systems.

Single Sign On is just one of the various Login Methods available in Firebird.

NOTE: Single Sign On bypassess the Multi Form Authentication process enabled by Strong Login.

NOTE: Single Sign On can only be used to sign on normal users.  Administrators must log in using one of the normal Login Methods.

Configuring Single Sign On

Navigate to Project Settings.

Select Integrations.

Find existing Single Sign On integration or click Add New Integration to add one

Click Edit on the Single Sign On integration and follow the steps shown in the Single Sign On Integration editor.


The URL that users follow needs to be correctly formed in order for single sign on to be successful.  Even a minor typo in the url can lead to failure.

Any single sign on failures are reported by email to the email address specified in the Error Email field in the main project settings.

These emails will include details of what failed to help administrators configure the single sign on correctly.

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