When you log in, you should see a link to the Client Portal on the top left Navigation bar.

As a Client you will have full access to a project but you will not be able to edit any part of it.

when you log in you will be taken to the Client Portal. This is will be your home page with everything you need to check out what's in the project.

Here you can see various stats about the project and the latest submissions.

You can view a list of submissions included in the project by clicking Included Submissions.

You can view a list of all Reviews by clicking on Reviews.

You can view all the people involved with the project by clicking on People.

You can also view the dashboards that other users see when logged in by using the Navigation Bar at the top of the page.

Clicking on Client Portal will take you back to the Client Dashboard (Only clients can view this Dashboard.)

Clicking on My *Project name* will take you to the User Dashboard, this is the homepage for normal Users

Clicking on My Submissions will take you the the Submitters Dashboard, this is where submitters go to make submissions.

Clicking on My Registrations will take you to the Delegates Dashboard, This is the home page for Delegates where they can view and purchase tickets for the event.

Clicking on My Orders will take you to the page where users can view there orders. (if any)

Viewing submissions.

To view submissions first you will need to click on Included Submissions on the Client Portal Dashboard.

This will bring up a list of all submissions included in the Event.

You will notice next to each submission is three buttons.

Peek: This will give you an overview of the submission in a slide out panel.

View: This will allow you to view the whole submission.

Edit: You do not have permission to edit submissions, so you can ignore this.

Viewing Reviews.

To view all the reviews made on the project, head over to the Client Portal and click on Reviews.

This will bring up a list of all the reviews in the project.

Just like the list of submissions there are three buttons next to each review.

Peek: Click for an overview of the review in a slide out panel.

View: Click to view the whole review.

Edit: You do not have permission to edit reviews, so ignore this.