Adding a product requires the following steps:

  • Add the product to the project
  • Configure the product (pricing, text, images, settings etc.)
  • Add to the dashboard for delegates to be able to choose it.

Step 1) The first thing you will need to do to in order to add a Product to your Project is head over to the Commerce Tab.

Step 2) From here you will need to click on the Product tab.

This will bring up the Product page where you can view and edit all the products your project has (if any).

Step 3) Click on +Add Product.

Step 4) That will bring out a Slide out Panel where you can enter the details about the Product you want to add.

Name: This will be the name of the product that will be displayed on the Products tile in the "My Registration" Page.

Code: This should be a short abbreviation of the name.

Type: This is where you choose the type of Product.

Total Number: This will be the total amount of this product that you want to sell. If you dont want to limit the amount you can sell set this to 100000 to make it unlimited.

Step 5) Once you have entered in all the above information click next to get to the Text section.

Short Description: Here you can put a short description that will also be shown on the Products tile.

Long Description: Here you can put the whole description.

Step 6) Click next.

Step 7) You can add an image that will be displayed on the Products tile after it has been created, for now just click next.

Step 8) Click on +Add Price to configuring prices. 

Availability: Choose when this price is available.  If this price is always available then select Always.

Required Ticket: Some products can only be purchased for an attendee if that attendee has a specific type of ticket. Also, different Attendees may need to pay different amounts for the product. Choose the type of Ticket that this price is for using the drop down. If this product has the same price for all ticket holders or does not require a ticket then choose None.

Price: The price of the Product.

You can add more prices with different Availability if necessary.

Step 9) Click on Next again.

Here you can set how many of this particular product a single attendee can purchase. 

Step 10) Once set, click Next.

Here you can review what you are about to add. if everything is how you want it click Add and your Product will be added to the project.

Step 11) Your product will be added onto the list of Products. Now if you want to add an image to your Product click the Edit button on the Product you just added.

The same slide out panel will slide out. Click Next until you get to the Images section. You will notice this section looks a little different to the first time. 

There are three different shaped Images to upload.

You can use the same image in all three, but the crops are made automatically so some editing may be required.

All you need to do is Click and Drag your image into the boxes and your image will be uploaded.

Then click Save.

Step 12) Now your product has been added you may notice that it is not on the My Registrations page. You will need to reset the page by clicking on Edit Dashboard and then Reset Dashboard.

If you need help getting the dashboard to look like it did before the reset check out this guide to Rearranging Dashboards.