Sometimes an order is placed but is not paid for.  This can happen if a customer:

  • Choses to pay by invoice.
  • Started the order process but abandoned the order during the payment process.

Later on, the customer may pay for the order ourside of the system and you may want to mark the order as Paid so that you can keep track of which orders have been paid for and how.

NOTE: This process is for marking an order as paid.  If you want to mark a Customer's shopping basket as paid, see Creating an Order from a Customer Basket.

Starting at your Project Home Page, click on the Commerce button at the top to go to your Commerce Dashboard

Find and click on the Orders dashboard tile to go to the Orders Grid:

Browse through the items or use the filters to find the order you are interested in (e.g. use the Customer filter to find orders belonging to a specific Customer).

Select the orders(s) you want to change by ticking the boxes on the left hand side next to each item (1).  Then click on the Mark as Paid button (2).  In this example, the Ordered Ticket for Dan Carroll has been selected:

Enter the reasons/comments regarding this transaction and click Mark as Paid to confirm.

The grid will now update and the offline order with a status of Ordered becomes an offline order with a status of Paid: