This guide will cover a number of ways of adding images to your abstract.

There are two different ways of sourcing an image to upload:

  • Adding an image from your computer.
  • Adding an image from the internet.

1) Adding an image from your computer.

There are a few different ways you can add an image from your computer.

Copying from Microsoft Word:

If your image is in a Word document, you can simply right click on the image and click on Copy to copy it to the clipboard. 

Then head over to your abstract and right click and select Paste to upload the image to your abstract.

After a few moments of uploading your image will be added to your abstract.

Drag and drop:

Locate the image you wish to use on your computer. 

Then click on the file/image and drag it over to the text field on your abstract submission form.

The image will take a few moments to upload.

Using the Upload tool:

Your form may have an upload tool. you can use it in two ways.

You can click upload which will allow you to select your file from a window.

Select you file and click open

After that it will take a little time to upload. When it's done your image will appear next to the upload tool and you can upload another.

2) Adding an image from the Internet.

In order to add an image from the internet to you abstract you must click the Image icon circled below.

Clicking the icon will open the image properties window pop up. From here you can paste the URL of the image you want to add into the URL box.

In order to get the URL of an image you will need to find your image and right click on it and select Copy image address (For Google Chrome.) or Copy Image Location (For Firefox). 

For Internet Explorer you will have to right click the image and the select properties, that will bring up the properties of the image in a small window where you can copy the URL.

Paste the URL into the URL Text box back on your abstract. 

After the upload is complete:

After uploading your image you may find that it is too big or small. For information on resizing your image or adding a caption go to Resizing and Captioning an image