A step by step guide on how to send out the All Reviewers with Session Reviews Message Template.  This guide will work for almost any template (with perhaps the exception of some custom templates and auto triggered templates).  You can substitute for the template you wish to send.

Sending a Message Template.

Step 1. Go to your Communications Dashboard.

Step 2. Click on the Message Templates tile.

Step 3. Scroll down until you find the template you wish to send. For this guide we will use the All Reviewers with Session Reviews Message Template.

Step 4. Click on View to open the Message Template.

Step 5. Change the content of the email if you so wish by clicking on Edit.

Step 6. Click on Preview to check the content is correct and the merge fields are being populated correctly.

Step 7. Once you are happy with the preview, click on Send Test Message and enter an email address to send the test message to.

Step 8. Review the test message that you receive. If you are happy to send the email, proceed to the next step otherwise repeat steps 5 to 8.

Step 9. If you wish to change the recipients you may, we recommend leaving the default setting People Without Draft Messages.

Step 9. Click on Create to open the slide out panel. Click on Create to create the message but not to send them yet. Make a note of the number of messages the system will create.  This will create the messages in the background and you should receive a notification on your dashboard that the messages have been created.  Refresh your page before the next step otherwise the new buttons will not appear.

Step 10. Click on the new button View Messages and check the number of messages created matches the number the system said it was due to create.

************These following steps are optional************

Step 11. Open some of the messages and check the content is as expected.

Step 12. From the open message, click on Message Template to return to the Message template. Alternatively, use the browser’s back button to get back to the Message Template.

************Optional steps finish************

Step 13. If you are happy with the process so far, click on Send to open the slide out panel. Once again make a note of the number of messages to be sent.

Step 14. Click on Send to send these messages.

Watch the results from either the Message Template page or from the View Messages page. You may need to refresh your page to receive updates.  The dashboard will also hold some data regarding the sent messages.