There are a number of ways to create your abstract, depending on the type of the abstract submission required for the event.  Types are generally:

Text only.

The text box will allow only text to be entered into the text box.  The system may allow you to perform very basic formatting changes, such as Bold or Italic, but essentially the abstract must be purely text.  Images, figures, tables will not be included.  It is still possible to drag and drop files into the text box but any additional content or styling will be automatically removed.

Rich content.

The abstract text box will allow you to build rich content for your abstract.  This means the inclusion of images, pictures, figures, tables, complex formulae etc.  There are tools to help you build each element of the abstract and control the layout and style as you wish.

Creating your submission 

This can be achieved by:

1) Building your abstract - creating your abstract from scratch.

2) Uploading your abstract - for example from a Word doc or image files

Errors, help and tips.

Every event is different, every submitter is different and every computer and browser are different.

If you encounter any problems or are looking for some guidance on how the system works, please take a look at the

Errors, help & tips section.

Building your abstract.

1) Enter text directly into the control by typing as you would with any word processor.

2) Copy and paste text from any source.  Depending on the clipboard and the source, as much of the original formatting as possible will be preserved.

3) Use the toolbar buttons to enter content including:

        a) Add images button - specify the URL to the image.


        b) Create table button - define the rows and columns of a table.

        c) Special characters:

        d) Choose one of the built-in templates.

        e) Paste (as plain text or from Word) - this opens up a tool that allows you to paste text from Word.

Uploading your abstract.

You can drag and drop individual files directly into the text area and the system will convert these into your abstract text.  Files can be text files, images or documents that contain any combination of text, images, tables and figures.  The type of files that are supported are:

1) Documents: Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text (.rtf) and PDF (.pdf)

2) Plain text: Notepad (.txt)

3) Image files: PNG, GIF, JPG

Please note there are certain image types that are currently unsupported: EMF, WMF and EXIF

Errors, help & tips.

The most common problems that occur with abstract creation are:

1) Can't copy and paste text.

2) Can't copy and paste images.

3) Can't drag and drop an item (e.g. a picture or a file).

4) Can't convert a document.

Copy and paste text.

If you are having issues with direct copy and paste, or via one of the toolbar buttons for importing text, the simplest solution is to try to copy and paste the text into a basic text editor such as Notepad on a Windows computer.  If you are able to paste the text into a text editor, then please copy the text from the editor (not from the original source) and paste it into your abstract.  If this does not work then you may need to contact the event administrator.

Copy and paste images.

There are many sources of images; documents, website etc. and different sources use different methods to hold the original data (embedded, linked to etc.) and they also interact with the computer's clipboard in different ways.  You may need to experiment with different methods to achieve the results you need.  For example, an image on a website when viewed through Internet Explorer browser may not be copied and pasted into your abstract.  However, the same image when viewed through a different browser, e.g. Chrome or FireFox, may copy and paste quite easily.

It is possible that the security settings of your computer, your organisation or the website you are viewing will prohibit you from saving or copying the image.

There are two potential solutions:

1) Use a different browser, and in extreme cases, a different device, to copy and paste the image.

2) Attempt to copy the image into a dedicated image programme e.g. Paint on a PC.  If you are able to copy the image into Paint then you be able to copy the image from Paint (not the original source) and paste it into your abstract.

Drag and drop an item.

Not all browsers support dragging and dropping of items from one place to another.  Some devices may not have the correct interface controls to allow you to perform this action.  Some files may be protected (e.g. by a password)