Before you can assign submissions to reviewers (or reviewers to submissions), you will need to load up the reviewing system with the names and email addresses of your reviewers.

From the Project screen, or any screen in the system, click on Reviewing in the navigation bar at the top.

You will be taken to your Reviewing dashboard.

Note: Your Reviewing dashboard may look very different to the example above due to the different reviewing options available to you.

From here you can see how many reviewers are currently entered into the system.  To add more, click on the Reviewers tile to be taken to the list of reviewers.

Method 1: Add a single reviewer.

To add a single reviewer, click on Add Reviewer and complete the details requested.

Click Add and the new reviewer will be checked and added to the grid.

Method 2: Adding reviewers in bulk.

If you have multiple reviewers to add, you can use the bulk Upload Reviewers function to add multiple reviewers at once.

Click on Upload Reviewers and prepare your list of reviewers to match the column layout in the slide out.  Each reviewer must have and email address, first name and last name.

The system also supports uploading of any dynamic fields that belong to the reviewer.  These could include the specialist area of the reviewer or the track/session the reviewer can review.

Copy your original data to the clipboard, highlight the first cell in the upload grid and paste the data in to the grid.

Click Upload and the system checks for any errors or duplicates before adding in the reviewers.

Fix any errors and click Upload again.  Once any errors have been fixed, the new reviewers will appear in the grid.