Submission Reviews are used by Reviewers to grade a submission and can offer both internal comments for the administrator and feedback for the submitter. Each review has a status field that can be one of the following:


The review has one or more mandatory questions/fields unanswered.


The review has been excluded and should not be used when deciding how to markup a submission.

A review is normally marked as excluded if there is a conflict of interest recorded by the reviewer.  

Excluded reviews will be ignored when calculating average scores etc. for the submission. A review can be excluded irrespective of whether any questions/fields are answered.


A review is Included if all mandatory questions/fields in the review have been answered and the review is not Excluded.  Any scores etc. will be included in average scores etc. for the submission.

NOTE: A review is considered to be Complete if it is either Excluded or Included.  This means that the review has been competed by the reviewer but may or may not useful when deciding how to markup a submission.

NOTE: If a review has no mandatory questions then it will be immediately marked as Included, even if a reviewer hasn't answered any of the questions.