Message Templates are used to create and send out bulk emails to the people involved with your project.

It's always a good idea to make sure that the message template will produce the content you expect before you send out hundreds of emails.

There are a number of tools you can use to make sure your email content is perfect before you send it out:

  1. Message Preview
  2. Send Test Message
  3. Create Draft messages before sending

Starting on your Project Home Page, click on the Communications menu option or tile to go to the Communciations dashboard

On the Communications Dashboard, click on the Message Templates tile

You will see a grid with all the message templates in your project.  Scroll to find the one you want or use the filters. Click on View next to the Message Template you want to test:

The Message Template screen will have a number of buttons at the top including Preview,  Send Test Message and Create.


Click on Preview to see a slide out screen containing a preview of the message as it will look.  The Preview screen uses the list of recipients that would actually receive a message if it was sent.  You can use the Next and Previous buttons to go through the preview for each recipient to make sure you are happy with the content.

When you are finished, click on Close to return back to the Message Template screen.

NOTE: If there are no valid recipients for the message then the preview screen will not be available

Send Test Message

Click on Send Test Message to send a test message to yourself or anyone else.  The email address box will be set to your own email address but you can change it to a different one.  Click on Send button to send the test email.  

The Send Test Message screen uses the content for the first recipient that would actually receive a message and so gives a good idea of what the email would look like for all the recipients.

Some recipients wont' be able to view the rich text version of the emails you send out and will instead receive a plain text version of the email.  You can test to see what it would like like by using the Send Plain Text Version switch when sending the test email.

NOTE: If there are no valid recipients for the message then the preview screen will not be available

Create Draft Messages

If you are happy with how the preview and test messages look then one final test would be to create the draft messages before you send them out.

Click on the Create button on the Message Template screen to see the slide out screen below.  Here you will be told how many draft messages you are about to create.  Click on the See Details link to see a list of all the recipients that will have a message. Click on Create to create the draft messages.

NOTE: Clicking Create only creates draft messages. No emails are sent out at this time

The Message Template screen will now show you that draft messages have been created for this template.  Click on the number of draft messages to see them:

This will show you a grid of all the draft messages for this Message Template.  Click on View next to any of them that you want to check to make sure you are happy with them.

The Message screen will show you a single message from the Message Template.  From here you can see the message content that will be sent as well as details of the recipient who will receive the message.

At this point, you can click on Send to send this single message or you can click on the Message Template button to return back to the Message Template