You can optionally be blind copied in on any email sent out by the system.

There are two steps required:

1. Configure the email addresses(es) to be sent a blind copy.

2. Choose which message templates should send a BCC email.

Configure BCC Email Addresses

Start by clicking on the Settings Icon on the main navigation bar to take you to the Settings Dashboard

On the Settings Dashboard, click on the Edit button

Scroll down until you find the BCC Email Address field

Enter the email address to receive the blind copy.  You can enter more than one email address by separating them with a semi colon


Once you have entered the addresses(es), scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

NOTE: If the BCC Email address field is missing then contact us at and we'll add it in for you.

Turning BCC on and off for messages

Once the BCC email address(es) has been set, you need to configure which message templates should send you a BCC.

Click on the Communications button on the main navigation bar to go to your Communications Dashboard

On the Communications Dashboard, click on the Message Templates tile

On the Message Templates grid, find the message template you wish to be copied in on and click on View

E.g. In the screenshot below, we are turning on BCC for the email sent to submitters when they complete the submission form

On the Message Template screen, click on the Edit button

You are now in the Edit Message Template screen.  Here you can toggle the BCC switch between on and off.  Once you are happy with the setting, click on the Close button

You can repeat this process for as many Message Templates as you like.